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“Musings Of A Spiritual Father……….God Will Restore My Soul”

Restore! That’s what echoes in my spirit. God will provide every resource to restore what has been lost, or injured.  With His provision you can expect joy to come back, peace to come back, relationships to come back, and finances to come back. Restoration, what a wonderful photo is created when you can see good things coming back into your life. Loss is only temporary! God will restore!

When Peter and John were in prison, they sang praises to God (Acts 16:25). It was at the place of praise the earth shook, and chains were broken. When the “outlook” was dark, Peter and John tried the “up look.” The shaking of the earth brought the necessary breakthrough to facilitate an exit from their prison house.  Keep in mind that when praise is lifted to God, chains hear praise and they simply cannot remain attached to your life. Chains must flee from His presence. God dwells in the midst of our praise. As chains fall, restoration begins. God will restore.

The psalmist David shares from his innermost being that “He restoreth my soul.” If anyone ever experienced the stretching of emotions unlike the normal man, it was David. His emotions were pulled in many different directions. Perhaps you have felt the same pull. Emotions stretched and nerves on edge, so many places are damaged restoration seems impossible.

God remains committed to the restoration of what has been lost, or injured. The battlefield of past experiences reveals struggles beyond anyone’s ability to survive; yet you are still standing! God has a plan for your life. He remains committed to that plan. God is the Master of Restoration.

When an item is restored, several things are revealed. First, the item was damaged. Second, the item still has value. Remember, restored items are always handled with extraordinary care and put in a special place. Is there a need for restoration? Has there been damage? Value remains, and God is taking extraordinary care during this process of restoration and you will ultimately be put in a special place.

Be encouraged, get your faith up, and expect a positive change. God will bring promotion. Beyond your need there is a harvest awaiting your arrival. Keep moving forward. Never give up. YOUR EARTHQUAKE IS ABOUT TO SHAKE OFF SOME CHAINS! Give praise to God in the midnight hour and see Him make a way out of no way. Defy all odds. Everyone says, “It’s over.” Show them different. Our God is a restoration God.


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