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“Musings Of A Spiritual Father……..Do I Fight Or Function?”

Right now, stop what you are doing, take a deep breath, look around your personal battlefield, and refocus.  Often during extended times of spiritual warfare the enemy gets us distracted from our main focus and on to incidental issues that really matter little in the big picture.

The Bible provides valuable insight that should be noted.  “Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me,” Isaiah 46:9.  When God tells us to “remember the former things of old,” He is asking us to refocus on the beginnings.  It is time to let our mind return to the Word God gave us at the beginning.

When we remember what God said at the beginning we might find we have drifted off course.  We drifted in order to engage in spiritual warfare at a level that would protect the harvest God was providing.  However, we ultimately became more interested in the fight than enjoying the harvest.

Let this be a season to “remember” the things God spoke in the beginning.  Get back to basics and use the weapon of determination to stop the enemy’s attack.  Your focus will provide wisdom, as well as attract your harvest.  Sometimes we experience a “spiritual attention deficit disorder.”  It’s hard to remain focused on the assignment God gave at the beginning.  Our focus is on too many things.  We spend our time putting out the fire that’s burning while our “God Assignment” goes lacking.  It’s time to refocus from “fighting” to “function.”

Rediscover your function?  What is your passion?  Find again your assignment and move into an arena where you can function at your highest level.  Don’t try to do everything; just the “main thing.”

Often times we pack things away thinking we will never need them again.  Years come, and go, and then we start cleaning out an area of clutter and re-discover what had been packed away for a long time.  Joy returns as we think of the many ways the re-discovered item can be used to benefit us in this present time.

Go ahead; unpack the part of your life that you put away some time back.  The discoveries you will find are astounding.  Spiritual Gifts you packed away because their time was yet to come can be brought back to a functional level in your present season.  Your victory could be tucked away in a corner of your life awaiting your fresh discovery!

Refuse to let the dream die.  Plan no funeral.  Expect your dream to show life again.  All the ingredients to succeed are present within you.  Move away the clutter of life and clear the battlefield of the mind; then ask God to release dormant gifts that will turn the tide of life toward your greatest harvest.

Your thoughts are always appreciated.


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  1. This is in line with my efforts to declutter my physical as well as pyschological/spiritual life to regain focus on what is most important.. I am not functioning in the area of my passion….

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