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“Musings Of A Spiritual Father………..I’m Just Passing Through”

Anything you are willing to accept, you will probably never change.  It’s time to get moving, and go on through your season of struggle.  I am convinced your battle will end soon as a fresh, new season emerges.  Keep your spiritual eyes on the vision God gave.  The birth of that vision may not be easy.  It will take some growing, but dreams do come true if forward movement is continued.  Use this time to educate yourself in three areas.   Discover more about God, your assignment or calling, and your enemy.  My God is bigger than once thought, my assignment or calling remains the greatest focus, and my enemy has no power over me.

One never gets so old, or experienced, that struggles disappear.  You must simply learn to walk through them.  It’s important to remember the little phrase in the title of this article:  “I’m just passing through.”  I’m not here to stay, not here to die, not here to breakdown, and certainly not here to go broke; “I’m just passing through!”  Although a rough patch has been found under my feet, I refuse to stop, “I’m just passing through.”

Although struggles are often thrust upon us, the choice to win this battle, and walk on through, must be made quickly.  God anticipated your problems, that s why there was a cross, and a covenant.  Even though your failure is on the schedule of hell, your recovery is far more organized by heaven.  Losers will focus on the warfare, but a champion will focus on the spoils of war.  God has a beautiful future planned for your life.  Discover that future, and walk toward your destiny.  Again, declare, “I’m just passing through.”

Pain is for a season.  “…..Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning”  Psalm 30:5.  Usually a battle surrounds the birth of a miracle.  Moses was placed in the river (Pharaoh wanted him dead), but he became a great deliverer.  The birth of Jesus caused Herod to seek to destroy Him but Jesus became the Great Deliverer of mankind.  Greatness is just ahead……beyond the battle.  Make a decision that you will not lose.  Dig your feet in.  Stand fast on the Word of God.  “I’m just passing through!

Discover the will to win that resides in the heart of every champion.  Refuse to let those who caused the hurt to live rent free in your thinking.  No more monuments to pain.  The constraints of today are not permanent, they are temporary.  Therefore, the declaration from this journey should resound in the ears of the enemy……..”I’M NOT HERE TO STAY, I’M JUST PASSING THROUGH!”


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