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“Musings of a Spiritual Father……..Advance In Adversity”

It could be time to get aggressive with your faith!  Advance!  Always remember, your vision will come in installments, not all at once.  Your vision is from God, it is “Divine Seed.”  I know there is struggle; sometimes pain and discomfort.  What God has put in your spirit is truth, and knowing truth will set you free.  Get excited and let your expectation rise to new heights.

This time of warfare is soon to pass.  Be sensitive to dormant resources God desires to release during this season.  Your strong help rarely comes from without; it most always comes from within.  There are powerful qualities concealed deep in your spirit God will release at strategic moments of this process.  Ask God for heightened awareness to maximize these moments to defeat your enemy, and secure the future God desires.

Tenacity wears down the enemy.  Refuse to speak words that would encourage your enemy and remember, he can’t read your mind!  Draw from the reservoir of inner strength God placed within you.  It is abundant, and it flows without restraint. Your enemy has missed his best opportunity to take you out!  It’s time to advance with your faith.

Even though a positive outcome lingers, always remember that nothing can keep it from ultimately bursting forth.  Your desire is “DIVINE SEED” and the quality of that seed will never let you down.  It can produce when the weather is good as well as when the climate is adverse.  Be encouraged in this journey.  Your faith pleases God.

Above all else remember this:  ADVERSITY CANNOT STOP YOUR HARVEST!




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  1. Bro Doggett, I have enjoyed the “musings” and other articles very much. some of them have made me think about my life. I am 70 years old and pastored pentecostal/charasmatic churches for almost 25 years. I left the ministry 20 years ago, and have not been involved in church since. Dr. said it was extreme burnout, I have not gotten over it yet. I live with the mindset of being a “quitter”. Not asking for any thing but just to let you know you have blessed an old man with your wisdom and call of God in your life. thankyou dave hinkle

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