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“Musings Of A Spiritual Father……Creating A New Beginning”

It takes more than the turning of a calendar to have a new beginning. Each year folks make their resolutions, turn the calendar, and believe they have a new beginning. New beginnings are much deeper than the turning of a calendar. The fresh start I’m speaking about is the result of a brand new manifestation of the MIND OF CHRIST!

As you walk in the mind of Christ the rest of your life becomes the very best of your life. Thinking as Christ would think about each circumstance puts life in a different perspective. Take up the challenge; you are God’s creation! Make the decision right now to have a new beginning. It’s within your reach; you can make it through any difficulty. A new beginning will demoralize every enemy and release your harvest. No weapon formed against you will ever succeed. God is “for you;” nothing can stand “against you!”

With a fresh baptism of the mind of Christ, you can have a future brighter than any yesterday you can remember. Be encouraged, and enjoy this new dimension of living! Stop doubting yourself. Perhaps there is a list of “failed attempts to begin again” in your past; disconnect from those failed attempts and believe that God, in you, is more than enough to build a wonderful future. The future is NOW, and starts with “CREATING A NEW BEGINNING!”


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