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“Musings Of A Spiritual Father…….Fatigue Need Not Be Fatal”

Over the past few months there has been a repeated phrase I hear when speaking with ministers and Christian leaders. It’s short, and simply goes like this, “I’m just so tired.” That’s a phrase often overlooked, or we even gently tease the “tired” one, and the phrase passes without much ado. However, I begin to sense the Holy Spirit speaking to my life about this subject matter and I will share a few thoughts.

This tired feeling isn’t caused by a full calendar that makes demands every hour of every day. It’s not even the result of too many irons in the fire. This tired feeling is a spiritual attack on you to steal your dream and abort your destiny. Speaking of the enemy, Daniel writes, “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws” Daniel 7:25. Part of the work of your enemy is to tire, or weary you, to the point of discouragement. Numbness sets in and you find yourself going through the motions of what used to give life and energy.

A feeling of fatigue weakens faith and causes one to draw back from the pro-active mode of living and adjust to a reactive mode. You begin putting out burning fires instead of navigating the God assigned course of discovered destiny. The writer of Hebrews shares some insights. “Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him” Hebrews 10:38. Drawing back is a position that weakens faith, and displaces the joy of the Lord. We lose joy in drawing back. If the joy of the Lord is our strength, then drawing back reduces strength, and results in fatigue. When fatigue walks in, faith walks out.

It’s imperative to break the chains of tiredness off our life. Dragging chains of fatigue slows life to a mere crawl and produces lack of energy. Every athlete knows when fatigue walks in, you get back to basics and do the things you know will work. Things that once became so routine they were boring. It’s the same in the spiritual realm. It’s time to get back to basics. Let me suggest a few.

First, practice what we preach. Do what we teach others. Jesus said, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28. I know the tendency is to pack your bags and run as far away as possible. That’s not the answer. Jesus provides insight, as He knew this day of fatigue would come. He says, “Run to Me, don’t run away!” It’s very important you gather the fragments of your broken, and forgotten dreams, and bring them to Jesus.

Second, your dream, and your destiny, will endure even during this season of fatigue and hopelessness. Paul writes to the Galatians and says, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not” Galatians 6:9. Whether or not you FEEL like it, there remains a “due season” somewhere in your future. Your fatigue has not changed the mind of God about your life. It’s important to be careful about decision making during this down time. With your perception distorted by fatigue, decisions will often be out of desperation, rather than inspiration.

Next, do some pruning in your life. Trim out of your life everything God never told you to do. Fatigue is the result of taking on too much outside the realm of your true assignment. You can’t be all things to all people. I remind you again; what your enemy cannot stop, he will accelerate. Hell knew you would not stop working for God, so instead of allowing you to run with one vision, he gave you many visions. Now you’re going in so many different directions it seems impossible to define the original plan God spoke.

Finally, rediscover who you are as well as who you are not! You are not the Messiah. People will pull you in many directions to satisfy their need to please God. In other words, they won’t do what God has asked of them, so they get you to do it for them. Learn to say, “NO!” Stick with the assignment God gave you. Remember the call of God on your life, and refocus on the main assignment God birthed in your spirit.

Also, learn who you are not. That’s important. You can’t be somebody else. You can’t wear garments of deception, trying to be someone you are not. John the Baptist gave a whole list of the people he was not. He was not Moses, not Elias, and not the Christ. He not only knew who he was, he knew who he was not. John did know who he was. He was a voice crying in the wilderness. He was just a voice crying outside the structures of his day, proclaiming the coming of one mightier than himself. From the outset of his ministry, he would decrease so that Christ could increase.

It’s important that you endure this season of fatigue. I know it’s lasted much longer than anticipated but keep in mind, THERE IS SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS SEASON! Fatigue is the enemy’s weapon of choice to keep you from your greatest harvest. You must get to the other side. Gather yourself, make the decision you know should be made, get to Jesus, trim your life, reconnect with your dream and destiny, be the person God created and renewed strength will be manifested in your life. The Bible reminds us, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint” Isaiah 40:31.

It is my sincere prayer these words will be of assistance to someone on this journey, who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. Shake yourself awake and get pro active about life and the future. Try to always remember that FATIGUE NEED NOT BE FATAL!


“Musings Of A Spiritual Father……Creating A New Beginning”

It takes more than the turning of a calendar to have a new beginning. Each year folks make their resolutions, turn the calendar, and believe they have a new beginning. New beginnings are much deeper than the turning of a calendar. The fresh start I’m speaking about is the result of a brand new manifestation of the MIND OF CHRIST!

As you walk in the mind of Christ the rest of your life becomes the very best of your life. Thinking as Christ would think about each circumstance puts life in a different perspective. Take up the challenge; you are God’s creation! Make the decision right now to have a new beginning. It’s within your reach; you can make it through any difficulty. A new beginning will demoralize every enemy and release your harvest. No weapon formed against you will ever succeed. God is “for you;” nothing can stand “against you!”

With a fresh baptism of the mind of Christ, you can have a future brighter than any yesterday you can remember. Be encouraged, and enjoy this new dimension of living! Stop doubting yourself. Perhaps there is a list of “failed attempts to begin again” in your past; disconnect from those failed attempts and believe that God, in you, is more than enough to build a wonderful future. The future is NOW, and starts with “CREATING A NEW BEGINNING!”

“Musings of a Spiritual Father……..Advance In Adversity”

It could be time to get aggressive with your faith!  Advance!  Always remember, your vision will come in installments, not all at once.  Your vision is from God, it is “Divine Seed.”  I know there is struggle; sometimes pain and discomfort.  What God has put in your spirit is truth, and knowing truth will set you free.  Get excited and let your expectation rise to new heights.

This time of warfare is soon to pass.  Be sensitive to dormant resources God desires to release during this season.  Your strong help rarely comes from without; it most always comes from within.  There are powerful qualities concealed deep in your spirit God will release at strategic moments of this process.  Ask God for heightened awareness to maximize these moments to defeat your enemy, and secure the future God desires.

Tenacity wears down the enemy.  Refuse to speak words that would encourage your enemy and remember, he can’t read your mind!  Draw from the reservoir of inner strength God placed within you.  It is abundant, and it flows without restraint. Your enemy has missed his best opportunity to take you out!  It’s time to advance with your faith.

Even though a positive outcome lingers, always remember that nothing can keep it from ultimately bursting forth.  Your desire is “DIVINE SEED” and the quality of that seed will never let you down.  It can produce when the weather is good as well as when the climate is adverse.  Be encouraged in this journey.  Your faith pleases God.

Above all else remember this:  ADVERSITY CANNOT STOP YOUR HARVEST!



“Musings Of A Spiritual Father………..I’m Just Passing Through”

Anything you are willing to accept, you will probably never change.  It’s time to get moving, and go on through your season of struggle.  I am convinced your battle will end soon as a fresh, new season emerges.  Keep your spiritual eyes on the vision God gave.  The birth of that vision may not be easy.  It will take some growing, but dreams do come true if forward movement is continued.  Use this time to educate yourself in three areas.   Discover more about God, your assignment or calling, and your enemy.  My God is bigger than once thought, my assignment or calling remains the greatest focus, and my enemy has no power over me.

One never gets so old, or experienced, that struggles disappear.  You must simply learn to walk through them.  It’s important to remember the little phrase in the title of this article:  “I’m just passing through.”  I’m not here to stay, not here to die, not here to breakdown, and certainly not here to go broke; “I’m just passing through!”  Although a rough patch has been found under my feet, I refuse to stop, “I’m just passing through.”

Although struggles are often thrust upon us, the choice to win this battle, and walk on through, must be made quickly.  God anticipated your problems, that s why there was a cross, and a covenant.  Even though your failure is on the schedule of hell, your recovery is far more organized by heaven.  Losers will focus on the warfare, but a champion will focus on the spoils of war.  God has a beautiful future planned for your life.  Discover that future, and walk toward your destiny.  Again, declare, “I’m just passing through.”

Pain is for a season.  “…..Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning”  Psalm 30:5.  Usually a battle surrounds the birth of a miracle.  Moses was placed in the river (Pharaoh wanted him dead), but he became a great deliverer.  The birth of Jesus caused Herod to seek to destroy Him but Jesus became the Great Deliverer of mankind.  Greatness is just ahead……beyond the battle.  Make a decision that you will not lose.  Dig your feet in.  Stand fast on the Word of God.  “I’m just passing through!

Discover the will to win that resides in the heart of every champion.  Refuse to let those who caused the hurt to live rent free in your thinking.  No more monuments to pain.  The constraints of today are not permanent, they are temporary.  Therefore, the declaration from this journey should resound in the ears of the enemy……..”I’M NOT HERE TO STAY, I’M JUST PASSING THROUGH!”

“Musings Of A Spiritual Father……..Do I Fight Or Function?”

Right now, stop what you are doing, take a deep breath, look around your personal battlefield, and refocus.  Often during extended times of spiritual warfare the enemy gets us distracted from our main focus and on to incidental issues that really matter little in the big picture.

The Bible provides valuable insight that should be noted.  “Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me,” Isaiah 46:9.  When God tells us to “remember the former things of old,” He is asking us to refocus on the beginnings.  It is time to let our mind return to the Word God gave us at the beginning.

When we remember what God said at the beginning we might find we have drifted off course.  We drifted in order to engage in spiritual warfare at a level that would protect the harvest God was providing.  However, we ultimately became more interested in the fight than enjoying the harvest.

Let this be a season to “remember” the things God spoke in the beginning.  Get back to basics and use the weapon of determination to stop the enemy’s attack.  Your focus will provide wisdom, as well as attract your harvest.  Sometimes we experience a “spiritual attention deficit disorder.”  It’s hard to remain focused on the assignment God gave at the beginning.  Our focus is on too many things.  We spend our time putting out the fire that’s burning while our “God Assignment” goes lacking.  It’s time to refocus from “fighting” to “function.”

Rediscover your function?  What is your passion?  Find again your assignment and move into an arena where you can function at your highest level.  Don’t try to do everything; just the “main thing.”

Often times we pack things away thinking we will never need them again.  Years come, and go, and then we start cleaning out an area of clutter and re-discover what had been packed away for a long time.  Joy returns as we think of the many ways the re-discovered item can be used to benefit us in this present time.

Go ahead; unpack the part of your life that you put away some time back.  The discoveries you will find are astounding.  Spiritual Gifts you packed away because their time was yet to come can be brought back to a functional level in your present season.  Your victory could be tucked away in a corner of your life awaiting your fresh discovery!

Refuse to let the dream die.  Plan no funeral.  Expect your dream to show life again.  All the ingredients to succeed are present within you.  Move away the clutter of life and clear the battlefield of the mind; then ask God to release dormant gifts that will turn the tide of life toward your greatest harvest.

Your thoughts are always appreciated.

“Musings Of A Spiritual Father……….God Will Restore My Soul”

Restore! That’s what echoes in my spirit. God will provide every resource to restore what has been lost, or injured.  With His provision you can expect joy to come back, peace to come back, relationships to come back, and finances to come back. Restoration, what a wonderful photo is created when you can see good things coming back into your life. Loss is only temporary! God will restore!

When Peter and John were in prison, they sang praises to God (Acts 16:25). It was at the place of praise the earth shook, and chains were broken. When the “outlook” was dark, Peter and John tried the “up look.” The shaking of the earth brought the necessary breakthrough to facilitate an exit from their prison house.  Keep in mind that when praise is lifted to God, chains hear praise and they simply cannot remain attached to your life. Chains must flee from His presence. God dwells in the midst of our praise. As chains fall, restoration begins. God will restore.

The psalmist David shares from his innermost being that “He restoreth my soul.” If anyone ever experienced the stretching of emotions unlike the normal man, it was David. His emotions were pulled in many different directions. Perhaps you have felt the same pull. Emotions stretched and nerves on edge, so many places are damaged restoration seems impossible.

God remains committed to the restoration of what has been lost, or injured. The battlefield of past experiences reveals struggles beyond anyone’s ability to survive; yet you are still standing! God has a plan for your life. He remains committed to that plan. God is the Master of Restoration.

When an item is restored, several things are revealed. First, the item was damaged. Second, the item still has value. Remember, restored items are always handled with extraordinary care and put in a special place. Is there a need for restoration? Has there been damage? Value remains, and God is taking extraordinary care during this process of restoration and you will ultimately be put in a special place.

Be encouraged, get your faith up, and expect a positive change. God will bring promotion. Beyond your need there is a harvest awaiting your arrival. Keep moving forward. Never give up. YOUR EARTHQUAKE IS ABOUT TO SHAKE OFF SOME CHAINS! Give praise to God in the midnight hour and see Him make a way out of no way. Defy all odds. Everyone says, “It’s over.” Show them different. Our God is a restoration God.

“Musings of a Spiritual Father………When Your Vision Is Under Attack”

As a Christian, you probably began this journey with a mental photo of something God placed in your heart.  It was called, “your vision,” or maybe, “your heart’s desire.”  As time and circumstances evolved that picture became cloudy, more difficult to define, or perhaps disappeared beneath the debris of life.  I have good news.

While there is so much of life with which you must deal, God remains focused on you, and your vision.  He remains committed to the plan He gave in the beginning.  Nothing you’ve gone through has taken Him by surprise.  You will never be too old, nor will you be too late, to accomplish your vision.  Although your enemy wants to paralyze your progress, blur your vision, and steal your future; you have strength in reserve, and weapons of war that are not carnal!  It’s time to take a deep breath, exhale and gather yourself for an aggressive move forward toward your dreams.

The first step is to “get up on the inside.”  Make that first forward move a shift in thinking.  Think like a conqueror.  No more pessimism, doubt, or fear.  Today, choose to make the shift in your mind (soul).  Remember, what happens in your mind will happen in time.  You are in a process that’s repositioning you to maximize every gift God placed within your life.  Take a look around because in every crisis, God gives a key to exit that crisis.  Energize your thinking to be keenly aware of all resources available.  Something previously overlooked could a key to your breakout.

Encouragement and energy are often synonymous words in the journey of faith and obedience.  Our energy often stops at the point of our focus.  When energy wanes, encouragement also wanes.  God’s word says your vision has an appointed time for manifestation.  When a baby is born, the greatest discomfort and pain is just before the delivery.  When the baby enters the birth canal, the nurse/doctor might say about the mother, “she’s in transition.”

Although you are in the midst of a painful season, please know this may also be the pain just before the promise!  Your destiny is manifesting at another dimension.  Be encouraged today as you remember the Word of God, which says, “Weeping may endure for a night, but JOY cometh in the morning.”   Your day of deliverance is at hand.  Refuse to miss this moment.  It’s that for which you have prayed.  Embrace your harvest.  It’s abundant, and much closer than you think!