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Invite Bishop Doggett

Pastor, I read the news, I understand that today in our nation many people are afraid.  Economic Uncertainty, National Security and Political Unrest affect even the most ardent believer.  However, after more than four decades in ministry, I have seen God show up and show off during the most trying times in people’s lives.

God has given us a “Now Word” -TRANSITION. All those years of preparation have resulted in a series of messages on Transition that has been strengthening the hearts of God’s people during these uncertain times. Pastor, you don’t have to do it alone.  We have been there and we are here for you.

Contact me or my office about inviting our ministry to your church or conference in 2009.

Bishop Doggett

“Bishop Doggett in Action”

Watch this collection of video clips showing Bishop Doggett in action. You will see his genuine, relational, humorous but scholarly approach to presenting the Gospel in this post-modern media-driven era.  His message is eternal, his style is timeless and his results are instant.

“Event Paperwork”

Completing this questionnaire helps our office determine your specific ministry needs and assists us in making sure your event is as meaningful and effective for your people as possible.


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  1. i have visited your web ,
    may God bless you
    how is ministry my friend
    pastor barnabas

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