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July 2009 Article

July has come and gone.  As I reflect over the month I can’t help but notice the blessings of God on our life and ministry.  We have traveled several thousand miles and had only one flat tire.  Of course that flat caused us to purchase an entire set of tires.  Still, we count it all joy.

We started the month in Daytona Beach, FL with pastors Jason & Tiffany McFarran and Vertical Church.  If you are in the Daytona Beach area, you need to visit Vertical Church.  Pastors Jason & Tiffany are wonderful people with a heart for God and provide a place of worship and teaching that will inspire those who attend.  Great service at Vertical!

Next it was on to Waco, TX and Church of the Open Door.  Our long time friends Pastors Ronnie & Kim Holmes continue to reach into the community to minister to those who are hurting and have had tough times in life.  The praise and worship is great and the atmosphere is always filled with the presence of God.  We had two wonderful services along with a men’s breakfast on Saturday.  What a great time of fellowship.

Now, it’s on to Kinder, LA and Pastors Scott & Ellen Coon.  These close, personal friends for many years provided us a pulpit to minister at Church Alive.  A great service with a warm and friendly congregation who know how to worship and minister to the Lord.  Pastors Scott & Ellen also travel with an Apostolic/Prophetic anointing that opens doors of ministry throughout the U.S.

Wow, I’m getting a “spiritual rush” as I recount the month.  Next, it was DeRidder, LA with Pastors George Lee & Karen Glass and Grace Church.  It all started with a Grace Ministries Camp Meeting on Thursday night, followed by services on Friday morning and Friday night.  I was able to minister in a morning service and night service on Friday.  A great time was had as we were able to meet many new friends.  On Sunday I minister in both services at Grace Church, also a leadership meeting in the afternoon.  Pastors George Lee & Karen Glass have a ministry of excellence that has profound community influence.  Their church continues to grow year after year.

Finally, it was on to Dry Creek, LA and Souls Harbor Church and pastors Michael & Robin Bond for Sunday night that was very special.  Folks responded to the message and new friends were added to the ministry.  Pastors Micael & Robin are also involved in missions work around the world.

July was a month of re-energizing our life and ministry.  We close the month a bit tired but oh so happy in the Lord.  Our sincere thanks to all those pastors who blessed our life by providing a place for our ministry expression.  We thank you and are asking God to provide an abundant harvest back into your life.


2 Responses

  1. What a timely word… you nailed this one one the head. Thank you Bishop.

  2. Bishop Doggett,

    You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for imparting into our lives. I keep a file of your notes and letters – my favorite reading materials!

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