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August Article – “Understanding Transition”

Understanding Transition – one step at a time

Problem is……you have your eyes on the difficult times you experience rather than the beautiful, full color, photo that God gave you at the beginning of this journey. Even if the difficult moments have surprised you; you can’t stop at the difficulties because it wasn’t in the dream. If the dream is yet to be experienced; you can’t quit now…..you must keep dreaming and keep walking toward fulfillment. You are just in a time we call….TRANSITION!

“Transition,” by definition means, “a passing from one condition, form, stage, activity, place, to another, or the period of such passing.” Based on the definition of the word, there could be some difficulty encountered in the process. Well, I’m sure that you have already walked through some of those difficult times in the experience we call, “LIFE!”

Some will drop out of the process and feel sadness as they walk away from the dream God placed in their heart. You will always notice a feeling of sadness when you are walking away from the will, and plan, God has for your life. You will walk slower, head bent down, and lose energy as you wander through day after day with no direction, or excitement.

Discomfort is not always a sign you are out of the will of God, or that you are walking away from the dream God placed in your heart. In fact, if you are uncomfortable right now, it could be the signal you are on the threshold of your greatest breakthrough!

As we move through the process of transitions, be sensitive to the ebb and flow of seasons and learn to maximize the moments of the journey to experience the highest levels of joy and fulfillment. You might have to shift your mindset, change your thinking, and release your faith at another level; but it will be worth every effort.

Life is an exciting journey…….don’t miss a moment by living in an emotional cave. Come on out and enjoy the journey. TRANSITION is not a bad word. TRANSITION is a word that continues to introduce you to seasonal changes that release personal growth and life’s most exciting challenges.

Important Information:

You can sow your way through transition. Isaac sowed in the famine and reaped a harvest. Your seed is your key to supernatural moments in Kingdom living. Refuse to abort your harvest. Sow your seed today!

Your dream is within your reach! You might think it’s far away, but it’s not as far as you might think. Just one more relationship connection, one more phone call, one more trip to the mail box, or one more idea could catapult your dream into the arena of manifestation!


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