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December Article – It’s Chirstmas Time… Already?

Christmas Holidays are upon us again! Wow! It seems like only yesterday it was Christmas 2007. How time flies…….when you’re having fun! I’m sure you can reflect on some good times 2008 has brought as well as some times of pressure and stress.

Our nation continues to quake under national news reports about world conditions. Uncertain economic times are jamming the airwaves, producing fear in the hearts of many. There doesn’t appear to be a strong prophetic voice coming from the Church to provide direction in these days. It’s past time to see what the Word of God says about days like this. Let’s take a look!

“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” Hebrews 11:3 KJV.

In just one verse we find encouragement and stability during these uncertain times. To break down the verse into ordinary language that can be easily understood by everyone; it would read, “Through faith we understand that periods of history were created by a prophetic word from God, so that things which are seen were not created by things which already appear.

Very significant phrases are uttered in this text. Not only the world created in Genesis, but every period of history, every season of life, has been created by a prophetic word that came from God. Someone spoke the opinion of God in a “pressure situation” and it framed a season in which God could manifest His plans for a life. We also learn from the verse that God produced, through a prophetic word, something not previously manifested………something needed to provide direction through a season of difficulty.

Our position in this is to find out what God’s Word says about this situation in which we find ourselves, then speak that opinion out loud, and frame this season with a divine provision that will get you through the present difficulty.

Remember, Mary and Joseph, while in a season of stress and pressure, took a journey to Bethlehem because of taxes. Jesus was born in that manger, in Bethlehem, during a season of stress and pressure. The lesson to be learned is that Jesus always comes during seasons of stress and pressure. During this Christmas, don’t only look at the Christmas trees, the ornaments, the gifts, the food, and countless other reminders of the season………..LOOK FOR JESUS….….. You’ll find Him in your season of stress and pressure! He’s present to create (frame) a new season for your future! Rejoice and be glad, it’s Christmas and He is here!

Thanks So Much! ……. Doris and I want to take this opportunity to say, “Thank you so very much for sowing into our lives this past year.” We appreciate you more than you will ever know. These words seem so small compared to what you have done for us throughout the year. Remember, the “Word of God is not bound.” It will accomplish and deliver a harvest………even during difficult times. Thanks so very much!

Bishop Doggett

Your seed is greatly appreciated as our ministry continues to reach the nations. Thank you for your faithfulness.


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