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July Article – “Dont Fly Off The Handle”

When you have seasons of struggle that seems like will never end, it’s difficult to remain focused on things important. It’s often easier to “fly off the handle” and make big decisions with small amounts of information.


Please know this reaction will produce a prolonged season of struggle. You’ve even heard some politicians recently say, “When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging.” We often complicate issues when we try to force our way out of these seasons of struggle with our own thoughts and ideas. Remember, the Word still tells us to, “…..lean not to our own understanding…..”

God has you in a process. Process means, “A continuing development involving many changes.” It’s the “many changes” that cause us concern. Always remember that change is constant, but it always has a direction, and that direction is your pull to the future. We have been conditioned to believe that all change is bad. All change is not bad. The process of change serves to develop you; as well as the dream in your heart.


It’s okay to remain true to yourself; and true to your assignment. Even during times of uncertainty stay focused on what God has spoken. External voices will entice you to do a complete makeover when it’s simply not necessary. Develop core values that provide a “character anchor” during periods of temptation and enticement.


Be able to identify a value system connected to your recreated spirit that will provide power and tenacity during seasons of shifting values. Refuse to change in order to accommodate a temporary discomfort. Be true to the value system found in God’s Word.



Your Sowing:


The Bible tells us that as long as the earth remains we will have “seedtime and harvest.” Seedtime and harvest is a strong declaration from the Word of God that provides constant encouragement during the good times as well as difficult seasons. Thanks for sowing into this ministry. Your faithfulness is always so greatly appreciated.


You may choose to sow your seed at this web site by following the Bookstore link. Thanks for visiting us. Please come again.


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