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October Article – “Is It Winter or Wilderness?”

Wilderness VS Winter

Transition often produces difficult seasons. There will often be a period of isolation. We often call the season of isolation a “wilderness” season. Remember, the wilderness experience of Israel was because of rebellion. Maybe your time of isolation is not due to rebellion. It might be better defined as a “winter” season, not a “wilderness” season.

There are certain crops that rest dormant during a winter season. To look at them, you would thing they were dead and useless. But at the first hint of spring, they awaken to new life and release the maximum harvest they were designed to release.

Your “isolation” time is perhaps better known as a “winter.” It’s a time when you are dormant; and to all outward appearance life is over. However, you are waiting on the first breath of spring that awakens all the promises of God inside you and brings them to fruition. Don’t despise the winter season; walk through it as you now know that God is processing His greatness in you.

Joseph was in the process throughout his life. You are always growing, and developing, qualities in your life that better fit you for service in kingdom work. The refining process is present to discover, uncover, and develop qualities of your life that are necessary to the vision God put in your spirit.

You see, everything you need for the dream to materialize is within you. Too often we look outside ourselves and blame others for what has happened in life. We look for others to give us a “leg up.” Always wanting a “connection” to facilitate what God spoke to us.

Just look within and discover the seeds of greatness that have been present from birth. Even though they have not been celebrated by others, they are still available to bring you from where you are to where your dream defines you should be. Find out what’s already inside you. Those qualities become your “fuel” during transition.
Refuse To Quit!

In our world of “shifting values” there remains a constant principle of God that has withstood every attack from the enemy. “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” Stay focused on the “Greater One” that dwells inside you. He keeps His promise, and never fails.

Perhaps the greatest temptation to “Quit” is found in the area of sowing. Pressure from without often produces uncertainty within. The challenge is to face uncertainty with a release of your faith that will drive away every doubt. Just as Abraham had to keep the birds of prey off the sacrifice, we must keep doubt and fear away from the fields where we have planted seed.

The field of sowing is our future! It’s our security! It’s our present blessing and encouragement. Refuse to quit sowing. Make a decision to release your faith and continue sowing…….not only for “TODAY” but for “TOMORROW’S” harvest. Simply “REFUSE TO QUIT!”

Bishop Doggett

Your seed is greatly appreciated as our ministry continues to reach the nations. Thank you for your faithfulness


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