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Strength during tough times……thoughts from a spiritual father!

Strength during tough times……thoughts from a spiritual father!

As a spiritual father to many sons I try to be aware of situations and circumstances that cause pain and seasons of struggle.  Over the past number of months my own spiritual sons have fought bravely through some of the most difficult times they have ever faced.  These sons have fought bravely and with a level of faith seldom witnessed in these times.  Although they often feel the pressure of the attack I find them bouncing back with an unyielding trust in God’s promise for their life.  I have waited to write this information for some time now, but after a conversation with one of my sons today; I cannot wait any longer.  So for all ministers and church leaders in the Body of Christ I pen these thoughts trusting it will serve as encouragement to you for your journey.

In my lifetime I have not witnessed an attack that has lasted as long; and been as intense as this one.  I know many leaders have wanted to give in and find something else to do for a while.  Crazy thoughts often enter your thinking.  Thoughts of deeds and actions you would never allow in your mind come at a rapid rate.  You fight them off only to have another group of similar thoughts come back again and again.  There must be an answer that will enable us to overcome.

I will be bold as I tell you that we cannot give in, give up, or quit moving forward.  Watch how you speak and refuse to develop a “victim” mentality that causes you to speak the words victims use.  You have an assignment given by God and that assignment must be completed.  God chose you and knows you can do as He has instructed.  In spite of the warfare you must be able to see progress that has been made; and even growth in your own life.  Never speak words that let the enemy feel he is winning.  Your future is brighter than any yesterday you can remember.  Keep moving to that future God has ordained.  You will get through this difficulty.

Examine your commitment and renew it if necessary.  You are part of the next generation that will carry this Gospel to the ends of the earth.  Although you might not have all the experience you would like just remember God used some folks who were lacking in experience and had some level of dysfunction.  His own disciples could be a great example of this as one of them cut off an ear in anger, another betrayed Him, and two others were momma’s boys who competed to see who could sit closest to Him in the Kingdom.  Dysfunction and inexperience were not necessarily qualities that disqualified one for service.

Come on now, get back up, dust off your faith, take a deep breath and know you are still the champion that God created.  There is no shame in getting knocked down………as long as you get back up!  Your future still awaits your arrival.  The people to whom you are called are waiting for your message.  Refuse to make “dumb” decisions that provide temporary relief.  Wait on the Lord and remain strong.  This year could be your breakthrough year; don’t miss it.  You’ve waited too long, and fought too many devils to miss this significant moment in your life.

If you have not contacted your spiritual father in a while, give him a call and renew the relationship.  I’ll guarantee he’s on the porch, looking down the road, waiting to see if the one he’s been praying for is coming back home.  You’ll receive a welcome and can be restored to a functional role in Kingdom work.  The Kingdom of God needs your work, energy, and ministry.  Don’t deprive others of what God has placed in your spirit even if you need to say, “I’m sorry.”  Get the bitterness out, the jealously out, the guilt out and reconnect to your spiritual father.  You are a victorious warrior and must win this battle so keep the faith and refuse to lose.  This is your moment of decision; don’t miss the opportunity to reclaim your future.

Thanks for indulging a spiritual father who so desperately wants all sons to become mature and effective in their calling.  I trust you find hope and encouragement in these few words.  We can make it if we remain strong and focused.  Count me as your prayer partner………..I believe in you!

Your seed is greatly appreciated as our ministry continues to reach the nations. Thank you for your faithfulness.


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